Bag Ladies

The eternal dilemma for many brides is WHAT do you get your bridesmaids? Lots of brides have a hard time figuring out just what to get their ladies in waiting because they want something that is as unique as each of their friends are, but practical and (hopefully) fun!

I’ll admit, I’d never have known about the 1154 Lill Studio bags if it hadn’t been for my best friend and her fantastic taste in bags. What I love about the 1154 Lill Studio bags is that you are getting a custom designed bag that best suits your taste in shape, size, and textiles. I also LOVE that you can pair different fabrics from flamboyantly girly to classic solids to cover the straps, the body of the bag, and the inside. So not only is it fun for the world to look at, you get a little excited every time you have to dig for your keys too! You can keep the bags smaller as well as shop the fabrics by price range to help keep the cost down. The bags range from wristlet size to carry on totes. You can also design pillows, day planner covers, or headbands.

Here is the bag I’m diggin’ right now… The Custom Andi with Plum Breeze for the exterior with deep purple for the strap and Garnet Tweed for the inner lining and ‘strap attachers.’ A little mellow compared to some I came up with, but perfectly fall.

They are more pricey than your average bag, but well worth it for something that you put thought and love into when choosing something to say ‘thank you’ for standing up for you on the biggest day of your life. And even if they’re too pricey to buy… at least you can kill some quality time on the site designing your dream bag while you’re supposed to be working! Have fun designing!

And who says a business tote has to be all business? Custom Sophie in ‘Moroccan Tiles’ with ‘Aruba’ for the straps and accents:

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