My friend and client, Anita, shared something from Wordle.net with me and I love all the possibilities!

Go to http://www.wordle.net/ and go to ‘create.’ You can paste your own words in the box given or have a link feed into the box to create a word jumble. Play around with it a little (or a lot!) and you can make something like this:

I’ve jumbled the wedding vows I exchanged with my husband and think this could make a cool card, something worthy of framing, putting in an album, or even get printed on the ever handy canvas bag to carry with you every day. OOh… what about putting lyrics to ‘your’ song with your friend or significant other and making it a CD cover for a CD of your favorite songs together?! Maybe a mug for your parents? It’s all about being creative!

You can play with the colors, fonts, and layouts to tailor your ‘wordle’ to suit you best. Anita shared the ‘wordle’ of her vows with me:

Have fun playing around with the site and enjoy making your creations!

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