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Do a Google image search on ‘Indigo and Plum wedding’ and you’ll come up with this picture (among other things) from the ever inspiring Elizabeth Anne Designs Blog:

This collection of photographs paints a picture of what you might imagine in colors and textures for the ‘feel’ of your event. To me this board creates a rich, feminine, modern twist on vintage elegance. Creating a mood or inspiration board is a great way to pull together your ideas to see what works and what doesn’t. It’s so much different then looking at pictures separately and looking strictly at pictures tagged ‘wedding.’ It can be a great way to maintain focus with all your separate ideas as well as learn how to work in new elements that you may not have originally considered for decor.
I’ve been working happily and endlessly to come up with color combos for the newest engaged favorites, and I thought it would be something to share with everyone else! I have Adobe Illustrator that I make them in as well as Adobe Photoshop Elements (not the full version). In the interest of keeping this post under a mile long, I won’t go into great detail about how to use those programs. It should be pretty easy to figure out. Simply open the pictures and place them near each other in some sort of square or rectangle. You can play with layers a little easier in Photoshop so I prefer to use that. Always SAVE your work!* Putting the boards together in a program is easy. The tricky part is putting together something that is moving and meaningful and not just a bunch of pictures of [insert favorite color] stuff. Suit your mood board to your tastes and see where your inspirations take you!
I’m sure I’ll be sharing a lot of the planning process with you from my sis since she’s asked me to help her out (yay!). I’ll show you the indigo and plum combination I made since I’m 99% certain they won’t be using it and no surprises will be ruined… Here is an inspiration board I threw together quickly to give them an idea of this color combo.

{* remember when i said save your work? yeah, that didn’t happen. so it took twice the time for me to make a quick board. not only did i lose my board, i lost all the picture credits with it. so this time around there are no photo credits! SAVE, KIRSTEN, SAVE!}

Sticking with the winter wedding, I tried to focus on rich colors and blending from one shade of plum or indigo to the next. I’ve also thrown in a bit more blue than the other board. I think this could make for a beautiful winter wedding scheme. I won’t spill the secrets on the other schemes they’re choosing from, but I would be thrilled to work with any of them!

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