fab.tips: Getting Your Wedding Pictures Published

I’ve gotten a few emails recently and had a few of my couples approach me about getting their pictures published in a magazine or online and I wanted to quick give a little warning about this…

If you want your pictures published in a magazine like The Knot or Minnesota Bride, talk with all your vendors about this and don’t offer your pictures to any other bloggers or publications.  Why?  Because major publications and online wedding blogs want the newest, freshest, never-before-seen content that is going to reel readers in.  If there is a chance that your stuff has been seen elsewhere, it is less likely that people will rush to the stores to by the magazine or go to the blog to see the post with the potential of clicking on some of their advertisers banner ads.  You better your chances of getting to show off your wedding on a bigger scale if you keep those gems under wraps until you find out about whether you were accepted for publication.  Make sure all your vendors on the same page about where to publish the photos so you’ll be sure they don’t slip through the cracks.  Many times photographers, florists, or planners may post a few photos, but none of them are ones submitted for publication.

I know you’re excited to share your beautiful day, but if you’re really trying to go for the big publications, you lose your chance by flashing your pictures up on small blogs or allowing other people to to publish them.  Keep that in mind when deciding who will be allowed to share them in a public forum.  I am always sure to ask my clients if it’s ok for me to post their pictures either on the blog or on my website.  Don’t let anyone post your pictures if you’re not comfortable with it!  If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at info@fabyoulousevents.com.

KristenMattphoto taken by the fabulous Olive Juice Studios

p.s. i love this photo so much, it’s the background on my laptop.

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  2. Alissa says:

    Fabulous advice!! Thanks for sharing. It’s also a helpful reminder to vendors to be mindful of the photos that they are putting up on their websites.

  3. Kristen says:

    What a fab photo 😉 We’re pretty big fans of it ourselves!

  4. kelley says:

    That photo is seriously delicious. Is it from a wedding you did?

    • fab.kirsten says:

      Yes! That was from Kristen and Matt’s wedding this past June and they hired Wisteria Design Studio to do their flowers. They were ridiculously awesome and then Olive Juice’s pictures makes everything look 100 times more incredible. Eventually I’ll catch up to posts and you’ll see how gorgeous that one was!

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