It’s almost Valentine’s Day…

I don’t have much in terms of weddings to post because I’m printing table numbers and priming myself for a huge weekend of Fischer family wedding madness. Instead, I’ll give you a quick reminder that Cupid’s holiday is right around the corner!

I am a big believer in taking every opportunity to celebrate life and love whenever you can, so even though it’s a horribly commercial holiday, I do love Valentine’s Day.  Not because I ever expect flowers or crazy gifts, but because it’s fun to shower love on other people.  What can you do that’s cheap for a Valentine’s gift?  The best idea I ever got was from my newly engaged, fabulous friend, Dana, and her heart full of the 100 reasons you love your beloved.  Can you do it?  Can you sit down and write 100 things you love about your favorite person?  Do it and give it to them.  It’s fun to do and fun to give.  Oh, another thing to try?  The wonderfully cheesy must-make-reservations at White Castle.  So silly, but so fun.  And if you’re enjoying the single life, get your friends together, make a bunch of unhealthy food, and have a love (or anti-love) romantic comedy-fest!  Let ’em know you love ’em.  You can’t say it enough.


How adorable?!

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  1. Heather says:

    It always made my Valentine’s day in college when I would go to my p.o. box and was always sure to find a card from mom & dad and one from you. It is seriously the little things that mean the most.

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