All Because Two People Fell In Love…

These are my parents on June 7, 1980…


A LOT has happened in the last 30 years for them.  In between those 30 years is 23 years in their current home, 3 dogs, 4 kids (3 of their own and they adopted me) in 2.5 years (my younger siblings are ‘Irish Twins’)!  That’s FOUR kids… to help with homework, all in braces at the same time, practicing 4 different band instruments after school, 4 different sets of interests between dance, soccer, football, baseball, and band.  Four kids going to formal dances, within two years of graduating in high school (two in ’00, one in ’01 and the last in ’02), getting our licenses and driving, in college at the same time (three of us graduated college in the same weekend!).  In the 29 years of having kids there have been hundreds of hours of kids on tape, hundreds of curlers and ratted pony tails for dance, hundreds of claps and cheers and for trombones and football plays and finish lines crossed.  There has never been a dull moment in the Fischer house!

They put off second honeymoons and campers, drove cars until they could drive no more, spent hours cheering us on, and worked their butts off to let us dance and play sports and play instruments.  The lessons of their hardwork and team work were not lost on us kids.  Each of us appreciates deeply the sacrifice and time our parents put into allowing us to be kids and to partake in activities that are still a big part of who we are today.  Dad shared equal girly duties (hair curlers and dance competitions) as Mom did boy duties (track meets, band shows, and football games).  They were always present, always participating, and that is something I know we will all share with our families someday.

Another thing that is not lost on us is that our parents still LOVE each other and that they are a TEAM.   They didn’t just go through the madness of raising 4 kids (because that’s not enough, right?), their marriage survived two different bouts of cancer for my dad, the personal strain and burden of owning a family business, losses of parents and dear loved ones, the typical highs and lows of extended family and finances.  Marriage isn’t easy – you have to work at it every day.  But when you decide that you are going to love each other and be a team through the thick and the thin, the good, the bad, and the worst – and you mean it – you can make it.  And they have.  I am so appreciative to the wonderful example they have set for us – we know it’s an ever changing dynamic, but they make the work look like it can be fun and most certainly worth it.


photo credit:  Zeidler Photography

Congratulations, Mom and Dad on your 30th Anniversary!!!  Here is to another 30 – this time with hopefully more relaxation! We love you!

  1. Heather says:

    To my beautiful and ever so talented Daughter Kirsten and to the rest of my wonderful and talented Children. What a lovely tribute to your Dad and I. We have been so blessed over the last thirty years. You children have brought such joy into our lives. Dad and I look so forward to the next thirty years of marriage and life with our family. Love too all of you
    Dad and Mom

  2. Heather says:

    Sorry, Mom used my computer when she wrote her message so that is why it says it is from me. Nice post.

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