Today I am…

Typical.  Pictures by Spencer Combs Photography

*  Recovering from 12 hours of fundraising for the high school dance team that I coach.  We pulled off a junior dance clinic in the morning and a dance show in the evening.  Who says event planning is only about weddings?  It’s fundraising too!  Did I mention in all my spare time that I am the head coach of a dance team?  I don’t know what better way to spend my free time than with 21 of my favorite girls and two fantastic assistant coaches and my first love: dance.

*  I am catching up on work and getting ahead on more.

*  Missing my sissy, thus the goofy pictures from her wedding.  Can’t believe it’s been almost a year already.  I also can’t believe I haven’t blogged her wedding yet.  Shameful!  Good thing my younger bro is now engaged and we have another Fischer wedding to look forward to!

*  Excited for Thanksgiving at the Kle-something’s this year and I get to bring my usual specialty dish:  Dinner rolls.

*  Watch the blog for more frequent updates!


  1. Heather says:

    Love that you are missing me, but I am missing you more. Cannot wait to spend some quality fam time together with too much food. See you in a few days! You are amazing for all you do and the effort you give all of it. I am thankful for such a talented sister.

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