fab.weddings: Melissa + Bert | Rochester, MN

Melissa and Bert hired me to coordinate their very personal wedding at the Plummer House of Arts in Rochester.  This was a crazy weekend for weather!  We bolted as quickly as we could from the rehearsal on Thursday when thick black clouds rolled in.  The surrounding areas had multiple tornados touch down, but Rochester was relatively unscathed.  It was a full day of obsessive radar stalking as the weather toyed with our emotions and chair set-up.  We crossed our fingers for the rain to hold out.  In a movie-like moment, the cloud cracked open at 5:15 (on the dot!) to start the prelude music and shine perfectly on the north end of the Plummer House garden as our sun-filled ceremony was underway!

Enjoy the pictures that show how they created a warm, welcoming home out of the historic mansion for their guests that flew in from all over.  Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your wedding, Melissa and Bert.  I’m still touched by your kindness and your relationship is inspiring!

Their sand ceremony incorporated sand from a beach in Miami, where Bert grew up, and soil from Melissa’s family farm.

The ladies carried different pomanders created by Melissa.

Melissa carried a bouquet made with a mixture of  craft butterflies and orchids.

This cake was FLOWN IN from Miami.  Bert’s aunt is a cake creator and was kind enough to fly it here and add the finishing touches.

Bert and Melissa met at Paws-n-Claws, an animal rescue in Rochester.  They started their own dog exercise company called ‘The Ruff Break.”  For his surprise groom’s cake, Burt’s aunt made his favorite Cuban cake into small dog bone-shaped cookies.  They were a big hit!

They placed pictures of themselves with each other, family, and friends along with quotes they had taken from emails and letters to each other.  These two are QUITE romantic!  So many good quotes they could write a book!


  1. Teresita de Goicoechea says:

    Beautiful memories! Thanks for sharing them with us. We wish we could have goneto your wedding. See you soon at the beach.
    Tery and Angel

  2. mom says:

    Very Nice. Love you, mom

  3. Mindy Rivero (Mother of the Groom) says:

    Wow, this brought back great memories of such a beautiful wedding of my kids. I started the crying all over again.

    Thanks, this was great.

  4. Karen says:

    What a beautiful day–the only reminder photo I would add is the REAL butterfly that landed on Melissa during the ceremony. In my heart, after all your hard work and preparation to be joined as husband and wife,it was a visible sign of God’s blessings upon you.

  5. Jo says:

    Great pictures. The close-up one of you and Bert looking right at the camera is awesome. We all had such a great time that weekend. Thansk for sending this link. Also his name is spelled “Bert” not “Burt”. Ha!

    • fab.kirsten says:

      I can’t believe I did that… and spelled it incorrectly throughout the whole post and had pictures with the correct spelling and everything. I’ve made the correction. Thanks for pointing that out!

  6. Marie says:

    You had a beautiful wedding.You know God was with you with the beautiful butterfly landing on you.Thank you for inviting us. Enjoyed being there.

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