a whole new Fab

today is the day!  i couldn’t be any more thrilled, scared, excited, happy, proud… the new fab event design is READY.  the process took 18 months of driving my wonderful designer, Kelly Hicks, crazy with dragging me feet on the decision to change the name, changing ideas, and of course many tweaks of the set ideas.  Dan, my website guy, has been working like mad to set everything in motion.  for just as long i’ve been saying “when the new site is done i will…”  and i think it’s safe to say, we.are.done.

why the name change?  fab.you.lous is so ‘cute’ and ‘clever,’, many say.  but they also say it wrong, and that’s the problem.  just like my name, kirsten – and i wish it was spelled kiersten – is always mispronounced, fab.you.lous was always mispronounced.  fabYOUlous.  fab you LOUSE.  fab you less?  fabyouloose.   i picked a bad name. 

it was so clever when i picked it out.  so cute, so ‘fun,’ so… never right.  i knew in my heart that when i was ready to revamp the image of fab.you.lous that it was time to take a serious look at why my branding didn’t match my clients, our work, or the vendors i got to work with.  all the ideas for the look were modern, fresh, sophisticated, luxurious… why cling to a name just for the sake of it being what you started with, when you are too embarrassed to say it, spell it out, or correct people?  having had a name that i’ve almost always had to correct people on, i couldn’t stand that i had to with a brand that is as much a part of me as it is a business.  so with some gentle nudging (or not being able to move forward on any sort of site progress until i made a decision) and never looking back, our new look has created.  i have to thank Eliesa, Shauna, Laura, and Melissa for their valuable insight and advice.  it meant/means the world to me.  i also need to give a shout out to Emma Freeman, Gina Zeidler, Sally at La Vie Photography, Spencer Combs, Eric Lundgren, Olive Juice Studios, Photogen Inc, Laura Ivanova, and Ling Photography (and my fabulous clients) for allowing me to have their photos grace my site.  my work is only as good as the photographers that capture it and… you nailed it. 
so enough of the Oscar-style thank yous… you’re here, check it out!  tell your friendslike the facebook page.  i know at the very least my mom and sister will give this a ‘like’ and a blog comment (faithful followers, they are…).  i hope you love it as much as i do. and i cannot wait to work with you.
  1. Brittany says:

    Love the new name and site! Congrats!!

  2. Laura says:

    Kirsten, the new brand, the new look, the new site are absolutely stunning!! I’m so excited for you to have unveiled this to the world. I think it is a perfect representation of the amazing work you do. Thanks for the shout-out too! 😉

  3. Goodness. I might be in love with you.

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