My Sister’s E-Pics

Going with the family theme… I wanted to show off my sister and Dan’s engagment pictures.  I have yet to meet the Spencer Combs, but Heather and Dan have done nothing but rave about him!  What I admire about Spencer’s style is that each couple is photographed so differently; like he gets each of their own styles and shoots them in a way that is as individual as each couple is.  Not only can he read each couple, his style of photography is incredible.  I’m thrilled they chose to work with him! 

Be prepared for all the hotness… I still can’t believe my little sister is getting married!

Photography by Spencer Combs and Heather’s hair and makeup done by Julie Swenson of Smart and Chic Bride.











What I love most about these two is how much they genuinely adore each other.  I cannot wait for the wedding.

The final pick for the save the date:


(created by event design)

  1. Heather says:

    Seriously, I love Spencer’s work so much. I cannot wait to see what our wedding photos look like.

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