fab.tip: Reuse Those Bridesmaid Bouquets

The typical cost of a bridesmaid bouquet ranges anywhere from $50 – $85 (and can easily go up from there).  Yikes, right?!  Many times those bouquets are used as props for pictures then placed in vases on a standard headtable where they’re only enjoyed by the bridal party.  And they’ve had their fill of bouquets by that point.  This is a useful option, however the bouquets often times end up blocking the faces from photos and let’s face it, it’s something I see done very, very often.

This certainly isn’t a novel idea, but it’s one I’d like to see people use more often:  Use the wedding party bouquets as your centerpieces.  Think about it.  Most people have large wedding parties (the average number of bridesmaids is 5 and larger parties are on the rise) and also want varied centerpieces.  As with a couple of weddings I’m working on, the bridal party flowers make up for 1/3 of the centerpieces.  By reusing the bridesmaid bouquets on the tables, you’ve cut out cost and design time.  By adding more candles, surrouding the bouquet with floating candles in short cylinder vases, placing them in a decorative vase of colored glass, or even using the bouquet as one part of a cluster centerpiece by adding smaller arrangements around it, you’ve got a beautiful piece of floral art that can help create a beautiful tablescape without adding to the budget.

Make those bad boys work long after the night is over!  Have someone bring the flowers to the venue where the gift opening is being held and you don’t have to worry about extra decorating.  If you aren’t having a gift opening, ask family and friends to take the flowers home with them or see if you can slip your planner a little money to deliver the flowers to a nursing home or hospital.  These facilities are always happy to share such stylishly crafted floral arrangements with their patients and visitors.  Beautiful flowers have a tendancy to make anyone’s day a little better.

Happy Planning!


[photo by Heather Luebke]

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