76 Days ’til the Sister is Wed!

Last night 14 of us gathered in our favorite little black dresses, donned matching teal bead necklaces, and celebrated my sister’s very numbered single-girl days.  She rocked a killer teal number and wore the obligatory pink bachelorette pieces as we showered her with  gifts that definitely made her blush in front of our mother!  After enjoying the drinks, hors d’oeuvres, and catching up, we went out on the town and showed off our best dance moves.  I totally adore her friends, and stayed up way too late gabbing and eating the leftover goodies.  I can’t wait for the wedding… 76 days is too long to wait now!  (Actually, I’ll take the 76 days to get in MOH shape.  I’m in the dress, but eh… I’ve got some work to do.  Not fair with all the great shower/party food!)


Love you like none otha, Sissy!

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