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Call me a consumer, but I LOVE Valentine’s Day.  Pink and red prettiness decks out all the shelves at the stores.  Little trinkets you have zero use for, but are too cute to pass up.  Handmade hearts and lots of sugary candies.  It’s just a great excuse to celebrate love, if you ask me!

Since it is the month of love, I asked some fab.you.lous clients to share their engagement stories with you!  Keep an eye on the fab.blog for some stories that are sure to get you teary eyed!  First up… [the gorgeous] Allison + Jason!

photo by Photogen Inc

Above all, Jason wanted to make sure Allison was surprised! And surprised she was!

He mentioned to Allison earlier that week that he had an early birthday surprise for her. On Saturday morning, December 12th, she woke up to her favorite, chocolate chip pancakes, made by Jason, and let he her know they had an appointment from 12:30 to 2 pm. So they got ready to head out, and Allison, in the back of her mind, thought they were going to cooking class!! Jason took a wayward way downtown Minneapolis, later he told her that he was so nervous he couldn’t remember where to drive! So eventually they got to the warehouse district after passing the cooking school, and Allison shouted out ” we are going to get a couple’s massage!” Well that was sort of the case… Jason dropped Allison off at her favorite spa, and said “I got you a massage for your birthday, go and relax! I am going to go run errands, and I will pick you up afterwards.” Allison quickly shot back, “Ok, we need some aluminum foil.”

Moving into a new house, and the typical stresses of every day, a massage is exactly what Allison needed. She thought that the massage was her surprise, so she was completely shocked when Jason had walked in with roses and champagne when she was getting ready to leave the massage room. She still had no idea what was about to happen!! In preparation for the proposal, Jason had practiced in front of his mirror what he wanted to say, but when the time came, he just said simply “I love you so much, I can’t imagine spending my life without you, will you marry me?” and after a few laughs and tears, and a few “I can’t believe this is happening!” Allison said “of course, yes, yes!!” Jason slipped the ring on, and we managed to get a few pictures right after the magical moment.
This will be remembered as one of the happiest days of our lives!

On a funny note, poor Jason was so nervous that he wasn’t able to eat all day, so right after the proposal, we had to grab a bite to eat!

photo by Photogen Inc

I am so psyched to work with these two and their fantastic vendors at their June wedding!  Thanks Allison and Jason!

  1. Rahul says:

    Hey, I went to college with her and trying to remember her last name. Allison what?

  2. Rahul says:

    No worries 🙂 Anyway, love reading the blog and seeing the pics.

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